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Personalized Bermuda Cruise Door Magnet

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Experience the Magic of Bermuda with our enchanting Personalized Bermuda Cruise Door Magnet and bring the vibrant spirit of Bermuda to your cabin door. 

Whether you’re exploring the island’s famous pink sand beaches, diving into its crystal-clear waters, or wandering through its historic towns, this magnet is the perfect accessory to mark your unforgettable journey.

You can personalize your magnet by adding your name, cruise dates, or a special message to make it uniquely yours. 

Perfect for cruise enthusiasts, this magnet will help you decorate your cabin door and stand out with its unique and colorful design. It also makes an ideal gift for your travel companions or loved ones, offering a thoughtful and personalized touch. 

Additionally, you can bring a piece of your Bermuda cruise back home and relive the memories every time you see it on your refrigerator.

Made with the die-cut technique, these magnets are flexible and highly durable. 
Choose between 3 sizes and get the best fit for your decorating needs. 


Material: Vinyl
Flexible and durable material
Black backing

Standard 3-5 Business Days Processing Time
Tracking numbers are provided for every order


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