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Merry Cruisemas Present Christmas Cruise Door Magnet

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Embrace the holiday spirit with our enchanting "Merry Cruisemas Present" Christmas Cruise Door Magnet! Crafted especially for devoted cruise enthusiasts who relish the enchantment of Christmas while sailing the open waters, this magnet showcases a cheerful design that seamlessly merges the exhilaration of cruising with the coziness of the holiday season. Picture a Christmas present being joyfully unwrapped, revealing a Caribbean Santa Claus and a cruise ship popping out!

Let this magnet spread the joy of the festivities and bring smiles to your fellow cruisers as you collectively bask in the celebration of Cruisemas. It serves as a delightful means to express your devotion to cruising and your affection for the holiday season.

Be sure to take this custom-shaped Christmas magnet with you for your stateroom door on your upcoming Holiday Cruise. Whether you plan to decorate your cabin door on the cruise ship or your refrigerator at home in anticipation of your next cruise adventure, this magnet is the perfect choice.

This "Merry Cruisemas" Present Cruise Door Magnet is an ideal gift for your cruise companions or for your next family vacation. Make your cruise adventure merrier than ever before!

Made with the die-cut technique, these magnets are flexible and highly durable.
Choose between 3 sizes and get the best fit for your decorating needs.


Material: Vinyl
Flexible and durable material
Black backing

Standard 3-5 Business Days Processing Time
Tracking numbers are provided for every order


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